The New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE)

NEBHE promotes greater educational opportunities and services for the residents of New England. In pursuit of this mission, we work across the six New England states to:

  • Engage and assist leaders in the assessment, development, and implementation of sound education practices and policies of regional significance.
  • Promote policies, programs, and best practices to assist the states in implementing important regional higher education policies.
  • Promote regional cooperation and programs that encourage the efficient use and sharing of educational resources.
  • Provide leadership to strengthen the relationship between higher education and the economic well-being of New England.

Our History
NEBHE was founded in 1955, when six visionary New England governors – realizing that the future prosperity of New England rested on higher education – committed their states to the shared pursuit of academic excellence. Soon thereafter, NEBHE was approved by New England’s six state legislatures and authorized by the U.S. Congress.

Much has changed since our founding: New technologies have transformed our workplaces, schools, and homes – and postsecondary education has become a prerequisite to economic prosperity, social mobility, and civic engagement. Yet the importance of higher education to the regional economy remains as critical as ever. New England’s economy and quality of life depend on the quality and diversity of our region’s extraordinary higher education resources.

About Our Programs

The Regional Student Program “Tuition Break” saves more than 9,000 New England students and their families an average of $7,000 on tuition bills annually, with a total savings of more than $53 million.

The New England Journal of Higher Education (all online) offers the best and most up-to-date thinking on issues affecting higher education and connects top decision-makers to key data, commentary and expertise.

Policy and research programs focus on best practices in college readiness and success. NEBHE also provides policy leadership and promotes regional dialogue on key issues facing the region, higher education and the economy.

Professional Development programs provide cutting-edge curriculum and “problem-based learning” to community college faculty in collaboration with secondary school teachers and college and university faculty.

A Property Insurance Purchasing Collaborative saves money for the region’s public and independent higher education institutions.

Contact NEBHE

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Boston, MA 02111
Tel: 617-357-9620
Fax: 617-338-1577
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If you are interested in becoming a NEBHE sponsor, or for general information about sponsorship activities, please contact Events Coordinator Marla Phippen at 617-357-9620 x119 or mphippen [at] nebhe [dot] org; or Events Consultant Carolyn Morwick at 781-591-9844 or cmorwick [at] nebhe [dot] org.

For questions about our RSP Tuition Break program, catalog and online database, please contact Regional Student Program Senior Director Wendy Lindsay at 617-357-9620 x111 or wlindsay [at] nebhe [dot] org.

For questions about The New England Journal of Higher Education, please contact Executive Editor John O. Harney at 617-357-9620 x101 or jharney [at] nebhe [dot] org.

For inquiries regarding invoicing or payment, please contact Office Manager Phyllis Maguire at 617-357-9620 x128 or pmaguire [at] nebhe [dot] org.

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