All 24 of the PHOTON/PHOTON2 lab kit experiment videos are now available on Google video. The page number following each link corresponds to the workbook page.

In addition, there is a photo gallery for a Getting to know the lab kit scavenger hunt. page 2

Spectra of Light Sources page 4
The Pinhole Camera page 8
Plane Mirrors page 11
Snell’s Law page 14
My Big Fat Plastic Lens page 18
Single Lens: The Thin Lens Equation page 22
Systems of Two Lenses page 26
Laser Beam Collimation page 31
Focal Length of a Negative Lens page 35
Focal Length of Spherical Mirrors page 39
Young’s Double Slit page 44
Diffraction Grating page 48
Michelson Interferometer page 51
Air Wedge page 56
Single Slit Diffraction page 60
Malus’ Law page 64
Brewster’s Angle page 68
Gaussian Profile of a Laser Beam page 73
Principles of Bar Code Scanning page 77
Laser Range Finder page 79
Numerical Aperture of an Optical Fiber page 83
Fiber Optic Distance Sensor page 89
Single Beam Reflection Hologram page 93
Two Beam Transmission Hologram page 96

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