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Bright Minds Student Challenge

On May 13th students showcased their solutions to industry problems at the Society of Manufacturing Engineering’s (SME) Bright Minds Student Challenge.

Images 1+2+3: Students from AM PBL Participant Nathaniel Edmunds’s school, Baxter Academy, show Principal Investigator Fenna Hanes their work. These students met with a local company and proposed a redesigned workshop floor plan in order to have more streamlined flow of products. The students have worked through more than four PBL Challenges as part of a “Flex Friday” all-day extracurricular club and remarked that the Whiteboards proved to be a huge help when tackling the problem of product flow.

Images 4+5: Another AM PBL Participant Amy Anthony is pictured with her students’ exhibit, a safeguard, along with judge JoAnn Mitchell from Sandvik Coromant. Amy Anthony’s students worked to design several prototypes of their product from cardboard before actually manufacturing the product. The safeguard had to be adaptable for different models of cutters and leave room for the material being cut while also being safe and effective.

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