Supplemental Lab Kit

The supplement to the PHOTON2 laboratory kit will allow more students to participate in hands-on experiments. The kits are distrbuted by Lumenflow.

1 3 laser pointers (650, 670, 532 nm) 4 total
2 2 laser pointer tripod mounts 3 total
3 2 plastic spectrometers 3 total
4 1 sheet polarizer (17″x19″) 2 mounted polarizers plus 1 sheet
5 2 each: 3″ post and post holders 6 total
6 1 large base plate 4 total
7 2 PASCO ray box light sources 3 ray boxes total
8 2 tilt tables 3 total

Some examples of increased flexibility this supplemental kit offers:

  • ITEMS 1 and 2: Additional lasers will allow up to 4 groups to perform the 2-slit and diffraction grating labs, at 3 new wavelengths.
  • ITEM 3: Additional spectrometers will allow more students to view light sources simultaneously
  • ITEM 4: The sheet polarizer may be cut into small squares, allowing additional students to perform the polarization explorations. Or, it can be cut in half for overhead projection use or large-scale projects (such as “Polage” art.)
  • ITEMS 5-8: Additional hardware and light sources will allow three groups to work simultaneously on the thin lens and related labs (two lenses, laser beam collimator, focal length of a negative lens). Each group will have 1- 2” post and post holder for the tilt table and ray box, 2- 3” posts and post holders for one or two lenses. (The present kit has 6 lens holders.) While one group works on the kit’s optical table, the other two groups can use the large base plates to support the components. (Use a manila folder for the screen.)
  • ITEM 7: Additional groups may perform the index of refraction lab, using the straight-sided shapes from the acrylic prism kit or other materials such as thick glass plates or Jello® cubes.

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