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NEBHE’s PBL Projects have produced a clearinghouse of teachers’ resources to be used in the implementation and assessment of the PBL Challenges. The resulting teachers’ resources have been developed and revised based on field-testing findings from the STEM PBL and PHOTON PBL projects. The Advanced Manufacturing PBL Challenges are currently under development and will use the same or similar teachers’ resources as those shown below. In addition, new teachers’ resources that pertain specifically to the Advanced Manufacturing PBL project will be developed and field-tested under the current project.

What are secondary and postsecondary teachers saying about the PBL Projects?

“I can see how the problems are made so that as a teacher you would be able to walk around the room and see the kids start to get it, and then push them to bring it to the next level. There’s almost no limit to what you could do [with PBL]. Given more resources, you could have the kids do more hands on types of activities, building projects, make computer animated designs, whatever you had the resources for.” – Central Connecticut State University, In-Service Technology Instructor, CT, STEM PBL 

“This was a very positive experience for my students. They were able to teach themselves and learn from their peers in order to develop a solution. Although they experienced many moments of confusion and doubt, they worked through them with tenacity and finished the project.” –Williamstown Middle and High School, Honors Physics Instructor, VT, AM PBL

“PBL forces us to slow down and get a lot more quality into our lesson, to dig deeper into the materials rather than get this thing done and move on to the next.” – Central Connecticut State University, in-service technology instructor, CT, STEM PBL 

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