There are many different career options in photonics, and many different paths to reach them. Below is a list of articles interviewing people in photonics and how they got their start in the field.

These articles were originally printed in newsletters published by nebhe’s NSF/ATE funded PHOTON projects (PHOTON, PHOTON2 and PHOTON PBL). The newsletter issue in which each article appeared is listed on the right.

Comparing the differences between working in business and in academia.
Engineering manager’s educational and career path.
His experiences in the fiber optics field and his views on career paths in the industry.
Work experiences and career advice in fiber optics by a recent community college graduate.
Community college graduate describes her job as a laser technician.
Why a mother and daughter both switched careers to study lasers.
An older worker attending community college for retraining so enjoys his courses he changes his career goals.

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