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    What is problem based learning?

  • Problem Solving Toolbox

    Problem Solving Toolbox

Welcome to the PBL Projects curriculum! Please click on the above links to access the AM PBL, STEM PBL, and PHOTON PBL industry-based case studies called Challenges and the COMMUNITY ACTION Challenges developed with community organizations..

  • The PBL Projects are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and other national education standards. Please see the Standards Alignment section under each PBL project on this page to access the standards related to that project.
  • A site map of how to navigate a NEBHE PBL Challenge is available.
  • We recommend you use either Safari or Chrome browsers to play the Challenge videos.
  • A Challenge Classification Table which classifies the PBL Challenges by type of Challenge (trouble shooting versus design problems), number of solutions (single versus multiple), and level of difficulty (basic versus advanced) is available as a downloadable PDF.


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